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Vinyl Dome Cover
Vinyl Dome Cover
Our Price: $399.00

New Industrial strength, non-insulated, vinyl dome cover. Made of the same material that's used to cover steel carrying flat bed trailers, large outdoor vinyl banners, and boats. Available in a range of colors.

The material used to make POD is rated to last for decades, so why cover it?
Even though the material used to make your POD will last longer than any added cover can, it doesn't mean that acid rain, pollen, leaves, bird excrement, and other
atmospheric matter won't build up on your POD dome, making it dirty.

An industrial strength vinyl dome cover creates a water/snow/ice/dirt/pollen/etc. shield. Plus it passively lowers internal POD temps in high temp locations. After a rain or snow/ice storm you can easily remove the cover to expose your dry dome that's ready to go.

The cover blocks Infrared and Ultraviolet waves, protecting the dome from the harsh sun, and cooling it at the same time in hot sunny locations. It's designed in a "bucket hat" shape, so that it doesn't block the ventilation gap between the POD dome and wall. This also allows more air to circulate beneath the cover.

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